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Real Estate


Are you in the process of buying or selling real estate?


Are you facing a foreclosure or short sale of your property?

Have you been involved in a real estate transaction where you have been financially harmed or defrauded as a result of the acts of a real estate agent or broker?

Have you purchased a home that had undisclosed defects?

Have you entered into financing for a loan to purchase a home where the terms of the loan are not what you agreed to?

Do you wish to buy or sell real estate? 


Are you involved a dispute over ownership of land?


If any of these apply call us today.



Real Estate Sales

Stacy Safion has brought more than 25 years of experience in the legal, retail and sales fields when he decided to begin selling real estate in California.

Mr. Safion has lived in Orange County since 1984 and have been a witness to the explosive growth in South Orange County.

Mr. Safion's background allows him to assist you in any facet of real estate that may interest you. This includes the buying or selling of residential property; negotiating short sales.

Mr. Safion is not just a sales agent but a a licensed Real Estate broker and practicing attorney. Why list your property or seek to purchase a home with just a real estate agent?

When it time to buy or sell or next house; purchase that summer home or looking for that investment opportunity, please feel free to contact us.

Go to our real estate website for additional information:




Are you owed money?

If you have entered into a loan agreement; promissory note or contract and have not been paid?  

Our firm has the resources and experience to help collect the money that is due. We offer courteous, friendly service and lower hourly rates than other firms with similar experience.

Collection agencies can only do so much to collect your debt. If unsuccessful in their attempts, you may have to hire an attorney to begin litigation anyway.

Why not hire us and begin the collection process sooner?

Commercial and small and large business accounts are welcome.

Small Business Representation

Representation of Building and Construction Contractors.


Consider us your corporate counsel.

Representation in all litigation at an hourly rate lower than the big law firms but representation that is equal in equality.


Informed advice when making important company decisions

Strategic planning services

Support during negotiations and contract disputes

Business planning solutions, from conception to completion

Ongoing legal guidance to protect your business’s bottom line

We offer practical legal solutions for you and your small business



Are You Being Sued For Money You Owe?

Do you have a pending lawsuit related to a credit card; line of credit; promissory note or a real estate loan?

Did you recently discover that a judgement has been entered against that you were not aware of?

Are you receiving calls from a collection company for an old debt?

Have you recently been served with a lawsuit and don't know which way to turn?

Then we can help.  We are one of the few law firms that represents debtors in Southern California.

Don't wait for a judgement to be entered against you.  Contact us today.

Consumer Law

Have you entered into a home improvement contract with a contractor and they have not performed as agreed?

Are you a contractor and not been paid by a homeowner?

Are you the victim of a "Ponzi" scam or have you been defrauded in an investment scheme or mult-level marketing business?​ 

​Have you entered into a contract with the other party may have breached?

If the answer to any of these is yes, please contact us today.  We can help.

We have successfully represented clients for over 21 years in a wide variety of business related cases

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Laguna Niguel Real Estate Attorney

Laguna Niguel Foreclosure Attorney

Laguna Nigule Foreclosure Attorney

Aliso Viejo​​  Real Estate Attorney

Aliso Viejo Foreclosure Attorney

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Mission Viejo Foreclosure Attorney

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Dana Point Foreclosure Attorney

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San Clemente Foreclosure Attorney

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San Juan Capistrano Foreclosure Attorney

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Ladera Ranch Foreclosure Attorney

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Rancho Santa Margarita Foreclosure Attorney

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Foothill Ranch Foreclosure Attorney

Laguna Hills​​ Real Estate Attorney

Laguna Hills Foreclosure Attorney

Mission Viejo​​ Real Estate Attorney

Lake Forest​​ Real Estate Attorney

Lake Forest Foreclosure Attorney

Laguna Beach​​ Real Estate Attorney

Northern San Diego County​​ Real Estate Attorney

Laguna Woods Real Estate Attorney

Laguna Niguel Short Sale Attorney
Aliso Viejo  Short Sale Attorney
Mission Viejo Short Sale Attorney
Dana Point Short Sale Attorney
San Clemente Short Sale Attorney
San Juan Capistrano Short Sale Attorney
Ladera Ranch Short Sale Attorney
Rancho Santa Margarita Short Sale Attorney
Foothill Ranch Short Sale Attorney
Laguna Hills Short Sale Attorney
Mission Viejo Short Sale Attorney
Lake Forest Short Sale Attorney
Laguna Beach Short Sale Attorney
Northern San Diego County Short SaleAttorney
Laguna Woods Short Sale Attorney

Orange County Real Estate Attorney

San Diego Real Estate Attorney
Oceanside Real Estate Attorney
Carlsbad Real Estate Attorney
San Diego Short Sale Attorney
Oceanside Short Sale  Attorney
Carlsbad Short Sale Attorney
San Diego Foreclosure Attorney
Oceanside  Foreclosure  Attorney
Carlsbad  Foreclosure Attorney

Laguna Niguel Collection Attorney

Aliso Viejo​​  Collection Attorney

Mission Viejo​​ Collection Attorney

Dana Point​​ Collection Attorney

San Clemente​​ Collection Attorney

San Juan Capistrano​​Collection Attorney

Ladera Ranch​​ Collection Attorney

Rancho Santa Margarita​​ Collection Attorney

Foothill Ranch​​ Collection Attorney

Orange County Collection Attirney

Laguna Beach Collection Attorney

Laguna Beach Real Estate Attorney

Laguna Beach Shport Sale Attorney

Laguna Beach Short Sale Attorney

Orange County Consumer Law Attorney 
Lake Forest Consumer Law Attorney 
Foothill Ranch Consumer Law Attorney 
Mission Viejo Consumer Law Attorney 
Laguna Beach Consumer Law Attorney 
Rancho Santa Margarita Consumer Law Attorney 
Ladera Ranch Consumer Law Attorney 
San Juan Capistrano Consumer Law Attorney 
Dana Point Consumer Law Attorney 
San Clemente Consumer Law Attorney 
Laguna Niguel Consumer Law Attorney 
Laguna Woods Consumer Law Attorney 
Aliso Viejo Consumer Law Attorney 
Orange County Consumer Law Attorney 
Lake Forest Consumer Law Firm 
Foothill Ranch Consumer Law Firm 
Mission Viejo Consumer Law Firm 
Laguna Beach Consumer Law Firm 
Rancho Santa Margarita Consumer Law Firm 
Ladera Ranch Consumer Law Firm 
San Juan Capistrano Consumer Law Firm 
Dana Point Consumer Law Firm 
San Clemente Consumer Law Firm 
Laguna Niguel Consumer Law Firm 
Laguna Woods Consumer Law Firm 
Aliso Viejo Consumer Law Firm 

Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Laguna Beach Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Rancho Santa Margarita Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Laguna Hills Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Laguna Niguel Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Laguna Woods Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Lake Forest Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Mission Viejo Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Ladera Ranch Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Aliso Viejo Foreclosure Defense Attorney
San Juan Capistrano Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Dana Point Foreclosure Defense Attorney
San Clemente Foreclosure Defense Attorney
San Diego Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Carlsbad Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Oceanside Foreclosure Defense Attorney 

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